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ASAP Minis is a branch of ASAP IMAGINATION made for kids!

P. A. Hayden is the founder of ASAP IMAGINATION, and the word 'ASAP' was created from the first initial of each of his children's names and his own first initial.  

ASAP Minis was originally formed so that P. A. Hayden's kids could be a part of the ASAP universe, but it has grown in hopes that ALL kids can be a part of the ASAP universe. 


Now Accepting Submissions from Authors & Illustrators HERE

Bernard the Butterbear and his Bugbear Friends

Join Bernard the Butterbear in his magical town as he introduces you to his special bugbear friends.

Dad-tanian and the Muskerteenys

DAD-TANIAN AND THE MUSKERTEENYS is a story about a day in the life of a single dad, his three kids, and how families come in all shapes and sizes.

ALFIOUS AND THE RUMBLY TUM is a silly bonus story about Alfious trying everything to make his tummy stop GROWLING!

More Muskerteeny Adventures

Alfious is Brave and Brilliant

Coming 2023!

Amberos and her Magical Musical

Coming Soon!

AMBEROS AND HER MAGICAL MUSICAL is the story of the middle Muskerteeny. It's showtime as Amberos sings and dances from page to page!

Sophos Run a Spectacular School

Coming Soon!

SOPHOS RUNS A SPECTACULAR SCHOOL is the story of the eldest Muskerteeny. Sophos has her own spectacular school, and she's ready to teach you that English is excellent and that maths is mega cool!

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